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1 a hotel located in a resort area [syn: resort hotel, holiday resort]
2 a frequently visited place [syn: haunt, hangout, repair, stamping ground]
3 something or someone turned to for assistance or security; "his only recourse was the police"; "took refuge in lying" [syn: recourse, refuge]
4 act of turning to for assistance; "have recourse to the courts"; "an appeal to his uncle was his last resort" [syn: recourse, refuge]


1 have recourse to; "The government resorted to rationing meat" [syn: fall back, recur]
2 move, travel, or proceed toward some place; "He repaired to his cabin in the woods" [syn: repair]

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Etymology 1

From Old French, from resortir, back-formation from sortir



  1. A compound of buildings and facilities located in a scenic area, providing lodgings, entertainment, and a relaxing environment to people on vacation.



  1. to choose a less desirable course of action out of necessity or frustration

Derived terms


to choose a less desirable course of action out of necessity or frustration

Etymology 2

re- + sort


  1. to repeat a sorting process, see sort


to repeat a sorting process

Extensive Definition

A resort is a place used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for holidays or vacations. Resorts are places, towns or sometimes commercial establishment operated by a single company. Such a self-contained resort attempts to provide for most of a vacationer's wants while remaining on the premises, such as food, drink, lodging, sports, entertainment, and shopping. The term "resort" sometimes is misused to identify a hotel that does not provide the other amenities required of a full resort. However, a hotel is frequently a central feature of a resort, such as the Grand Hotel at Mackinac Island, Michigan. A resort is not merely a commercial establishment operated by a single company, although in the late twentieth century this sort of facility became more common.
Towns that contain resorts—or where tourism or vacationing is a major part of the local activity—are often called resort towns. Towns such as Sochi in Russia, Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt, Newport, Rhode Island or St. Moritz, Switzerland, or larger regions, like the Adirondack Mountains or the Italian Riviera are well known resorts. The Walt Disney World Resort is a prominent example of a modern, self-contained commercial resort. Resorts exist throughout the world, increasingly attracting visitors from around the globe. Thailand, for instance, has become a popular destination. Resorts are especially prevalent in Central America and the Caribbean. Closely related to resorts are convention and large meeting sites. Generally these occur in cities where special meeting halls, together with ample accommodations as well as varied dining and entertainment are provided.

Types of resort

Resort at a destination

A commercial establishment at a resort destination such as a recreational area, a scenic or historic site, a theme park, a gaming facility or other tourist attraction competes with other businesses at that destination.. Examples would be hotels in and around Walt Disney World, resorts in St. Martin in the Caribbean, and establishments at Aspen, Colorado in the USA.

Destination resort

A destination resort is a resort that contains, in and of itself, the necessary guest attraction capabilities—that is to say that a destination resort does not need to be near a destination (town, historic site, theme park, or other) to attract its public. Consequently, another characteristic of a destination resort is that is offers food, drink, lodging, sports, entertainment, and shopping within the facility so that guests have no need to leave the facility throughout their stay. Commonly these facilities are of higher quality than would be expected if one were to stay at a hotel or eat in a town's restaurants. Some examples are Atlantis in the Bahamas, Costa do Sauípe in the Northeastern Brazil, Laguna Phuket in Thailand and Sun City near Johannesburg in South Africa.

All-inclusive resort

An all-inclusive resort is a resort that, besides providing all of the common amenities of a resort, charges a fixed price that includes most or all items. At a minimum, most inclusive resorts include lodging, unlimited food, drink, sports activities, and entertainment for the fixed price. In recent years, the number of resorts offering "all-inclusive" amenities has decreased dramatically; in 1961, over half offered such plans and in 2007, less than ten percent do so.

Historical resorts

A famous resort of the ancient world was Baiae, Italy, popular over 2,000 years ago. Capri, an island near Naples, Italy, has attracted visitors since Roman times.
Another famous historical resort was Monte Ne, Arkansas, which was active in the early 20th century. At its peak more than 10,000 people a year visited its hotels. It was disenfranchised in the 1930s and flooded in the 1960s and all that remains are ruins.


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ability, action, ad hoc measure, affect, agency, alternative, amusement park, answer, artifice, attend, backup, ballroom, baths, cabaret, cafe chantant, cafe dansant, capacity, capital, casino, club, clubhouse, contrivance, countermove, coup, course of action, dance floor, dance hall, dancing pavilion, demarche, dernier ressort, device, devices, disposable resources, dodge, effort, entertainment industry, expediency, expedient, fall back on, frequent, fun-fair, funds, gambling house, gathering place, gimmick, going between, hang, hang around, hangout, haunt, have recourse to, health resort, hope, improvisation, instrumentality, intermediation, juke joint, jury-rig, jury-rigged expedient, last expedient, last resort, last shift, look to, machinery, makeshift, maneuver, means, measure, mechanism, mediation, meeting place, method, move, night spot, nightclub, nitery, patronize, pis aller, power, purlieu, rallying point, recourse, recourses, refuge, remedy, rendezvous, repair to, reserve, resort to, resorts, resource, resources, retreat, roadhouse, service, shake-up, shift, show biz, show business, solution, spa, springs, stamping, stamping ground, step, stock, stopgap, stratagem, stroke, stroke of policy, substitute, supply, tactic, take to, tavern, temporary expedient, theater, trick, trump, turn to, visit, watering place, ways, ways and means, wherewith, wherewithal, working hypothesis, working proposition
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